Jing and chinese medicine sex addiction

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM takes a holistic approach to improving sexual function and performance. Eastern medicine views the human body as an organic whole. As such, the various parts of the body are inseparable in structure; individual organ functions are related to and influenced by the function of other organs, the mind, physical actions and the environment. Nothing is viewed as separate.
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Men and Women Are Not the Same

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Restore Your Sexual Function With These Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods

The 3 Treasures are the esoteric substances that nurture the organ systems and keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance. Qi , one of the 3 Treasures, is the life force that supplies the body with energy. So it is disheartening to think that your life essence is consumed virtually every day. The good news is there are ways you can preserve or even replenish your Jing.
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Got Jing? Your Overall Health Depends On It!

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that masturbation and porn addiction can cause a man to literally destroy his body. These men often experience many health problems including a lack of energy and inability to concentrate. Another problem that many masturbators suffer from is impotence which results from a lack of energy. The classics or traditional texts that are the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine actually list a number of diseases that can be caused by constant masturbation.
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Qi can be acquired, but is also generated and mobilised from various inputs and activities, food e. Exercise helps to circulate your Qi more so than actually generate it. Blood is said to follow the Qi flow, and in some sense, blood and lymphatic circulation can be approximated to levels of Qi. Internal Chinese martials arts, in performed correctly, are designed to preserve pre-natal Jing and build up post-natal Jing.
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